Wireless patient monitoring (industry experience)

Hoana Medical, Technology – How does it work?

This is cool, especially since we prototyped something simliar back in 98, but thought it would never fly due to FDA hassles and product liability issues. It is great to see an outfit not let such headaches stand in the way, and make the call to plunge through them.

Whats cool, is based upon the about us section, is its a spin off technology from a govt grant for Medevac monitoring. The result, is that the upfront barriers we faced were less of a concern for them, as they already had government connections, and quite possibly, some initial test data right from the start.

To some extent, our industry experience led us to believe our ideas were impossible. In most cases, market experience is a help, and not a hindrance like it was for us. Yet, we had blinders on…. had we been not just looking at the standard way we did things, and had been open to SBIR programs and the like, perhaps we might have had something.

In the past, I was always a little negative on the SBIR, as its a upfront money loosing deal in many cases. The restrictions, and the low levels of funding often times make pursuit of an SBIR grant, a major pain. Yet, as shown in this case, its not the funding, but the connections, and ways to reach a market that do allow some really cool ideas and technology to make it to market, rather than to be shelved as bluesky stuff that will never fly.

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